What does the hamsa hand mean?

Posted by Vardit Jonasz on November 07, 2012 | Posted under evil eye, fashion, gifts, hamsa, jewelry

hamsa necklace
We all recognize the shape of the hamsa hand, but not all of us know what it truly means or where it comes from.  Here's a little history lesson...

The hamsa hand actually dates back to the Phoenicians.  The Phoenicians used it as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern goddess.  The hamsa hand has always been associated with a female entity offering protection from evil and misfortune.  

Today in Islam the hamsa is commonly known as the Hand of Fatima or Eye of Fatima.  There is a folklore associated with the hamsa that sheds light on the symbols meaning.  

According to the famous story, Fatima was stirring hot stew when her husband Ali suddenly entered the room with another woman.  Fatima, who became so overwhelmed, dropped her spoon into the boiling stew and continued to stir using her hand as the spoon.  Thus, her hand has turned into a symbol of tolerance and good faith.  

You will also see in many cases the Hamsa has an image of the eye in the center.  The eye stands for the tear that Fatima shed out of sorrow and now is believed to provide protection from the evil eye.  

In recent years, activists for peace in the Middle East have adopted the hamsa hand to display hope, peace and prosperity.

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